Private Coaching

Why have Private Tennis Coaching?

Private Tennis Coaching enables a beginner or an intermediate level player to improve their game dramatically. Both juniors and adults under our coaching are now able to rally and enjoy both social and competitive tennis. You will grow in confidence with each lesson and therefore enjoy your tennis each time you play. For those with a tennis background or rising up through the junior levels, private tuition will improve technique in all areas of your game and obviously experience more time on the ball compared to group lessons.

You can choose to just have the odd 1 or 2 lessons or book in weekly visits. There are no term requirements for our ½ hr and 1 hr private lessons. All private lessons are booked with our Senior Coaches and you can also choose to share with one other person, so ideal for friends, partners or siblings.

Tennis Competitions - Michael Mills Tennis Coaching

1 hour Privates​

$80per hour

Tennis Competitions - Michael Mills Tennis Coaching

1/2 hour Privates​

$45per 1/2 hour

Another great way to work on your technique for those who want a quicker session and still want to gain valuable experience and knowledge of the game.

Tennis Competitions - Michael Mills Tennis Coaching


$240per term, 1 hour

A group designed for 4 students, here they can focus on more match play and hone in on their doubles skills whilst still also improving on technique.